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Original Owners Since 1974

Serving the Santa Cruz Area
Original Owners Since 1974

Serving the Santa Cruz Area


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Even though many businesses are going paperless, it can seem as if there are still a number of documents that clutter up office space. Another item that takes up a lot of room in every business is inventory. According to many experts, when an office isn’t well organized, it reduces productivity of the staff and presents a negative impression to customers and clients. Business storage is a great solution, but when you’re packing your office, you need to take care to only pack what you absolutely need to save and keep it well documented in order to find it in your self-storage unit.

Organizing Tips and Tricks

We offer a few tricks for organizing your unit. When preparing boxes for commercial storage, label boxes carefully and itemize the contents. Keep a list on the box itself and make a copy for your office. It doesn’t matter if you’re storing documents or inventory. Date the boxes to be able to take out the oldest products first. Your guide to what is in your unit may take time to prepare, but it will save you hours down the road when you need to find something specific. Business organization is easy when you have affordable space at a self-storage unit. Use your office space wisely and productively instead.

Give Your Business More Space

Whether your Santa Cruz business needs to reduce clutter or find more space for inventory, we have the solution. Call our office at 831-475-7716 for ideas for storing artwork and office storage. The benefits of having more office space go deeper than your profits. It boosts your business’s image, creates a productive environment and increases the available space for more employees. Store seasonal equipment with us to keep it safe until you need it again. 

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