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Love Buying Antiques for Resale? 5 Reasons Self-Storage Can Be Ideal

Purchasing antique furniture to sell once the furniture pieces have been cleaned up and repaired can be a unique self-employed job opportunity. Whether you fix up antique furniture as your primary source of income or as a side hobby, you'll likely be curious about what you can do to better manage the furniture that you're buying.
Filling your own home or workshop with antique furniture can quickly lead to frustration due to a lack of space. Renting a storage unit can be an excellent option, especially once you consider the following benefits that a storage unit comes with.  
Available Space
If you're often cleaning and repairing antique furniture, you likely have a workshop that you do most of your work in. When you're regularly bringing home new pieces, you could run into an issue where your workshop is cluttered and difficult to work in.
When you have a storage unit available to you, you can move furniture that's waiting to be sold or not in your immediate plans to repair somewhere safe for later retrieval. You can keep inventory of everything by taking photographs before furniture is placed into storage so that you're always aware of what's in storage.
Supplies Kept Out of the Way
Your workshop contains a large variety of supplies for you to properly fix any antique furniture that you buy. While you'll need a lot of these supplies readily available, if you have a smaller-sized workshop or supplies that are used only on occasion, you may want to use your storage unit for some of your supplies.
You can rent a storage unit that's climate controlled to store a lot of your supplies that are needed for fixing up antique furniture.
Insurance Coverage
One of the reasons that you may be concerned about storing your antique furniture in a storage unit is not being able to keep an eye on everything. This can especially be a concern when you're storing furniture that is worth a lot of money.
Luckily, you can get insurance for the contents of your storage unit so that you can have some peace of mind over the protection of your items in the event of a disaster such as a flood or a burglary.
Discounts for Long-Term Storage
The best option when picking out a storage unit is arranging a long-term storage situation. Some storage companies even offer one free month of rent when you sign up for a full year of storage or offer a fixed rate that won’t increase for a few years. When long-term storage is the best solution to help with your business, seeking discounts and price-lock guarantees is a necessity.
Tax Write-Offs
Since renting a storage unit will allow you to have more space for your business and even help with growth due because you will be able to carry a larger inventory at once, you can get discounts in other ways. One thing you may not have considered is being able to write off the cost of storage in your taxes.
Ask for proper receipts to ensure that the costs of your storage unit are manageable. Document everything so that you will be able to get a storage unit without it being too expensive. As a small-business owner, you'll need to have all the information you need when it comes time to pay taxes.
With all the benefits that come with renting a storage unit, you should become familiar with what you can expect and how renting a unit will help for your business. If you're interested in storing your antique furniture safely, feel free to contact us at Sutters Fort Self Storage LLC to arrange business storage.