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Self-Storage for Seasonal Clothes

How to Effectively Use Self-Storage for Seasonal Clothes

Living on the Central Coast of California offers you the chance to enjoy a beautiful climate. The weather may be beautiful year-round. However, you still need to dress for each season to be comfortable.

Whether your idea of enjoying the great outdoors is sitting in the park with a good book or taking to the slopes or waves as the seasons change, you need to have the right clothes easily available when you need them. Keep your fall and winter clothes accessible by storing your spring and summer clothes away until you need them next year.

Wash and Dry all Clothes Before Storing Them

When it comes to storing clothes, it may seem natural to wash all your clothes that were recently worn. Nevertheless, if your clothes from last season have just been sitting in the closet for a while, you may be tempted to just put them in a box and store them. However, it's important to wash all your clothes just before storing them.

Also, store delicate clothes separately. Delicate clothes that are just for one season should be washed separately according to instructions on their tags. Give them plenty of time to dry before storing them.

If you pack away wet or even damp clothes, you may find that they end up musty and moldy when you retrieve them. Just one damp clothing item can leave all the surrounding clothes smelling awful, and you may end up choosing to dump the clothes. Save yourself the trouble and be sure to dry clothes before storing them for the season.

Pack All Your Clothes (Even T-Shirts) With Care

You may carefully button your favorite dress shirt before carefully folding it and wrapping it with tissue paper. On the other hand, you may be tempted to quickly fold T-shirts and pack them into a box without much care. After all, they're sturdy, right? Not so fast.

According to The New York Times, folding your T-shirts can help keep them looking good. Fold the sleeves of each T-shirt toward the back, and then fold it in half only once in a crosswise position. That way, you won't have to create extra creases that can fold over the image on your shirt. It's preferable to fold T-shirts for storage, rather than hanging them.

Choose the Right Hangers for Clothes You Plan to Hang

You may choose to hang up some clothes in your self-storage unit. If you do so, be sure that you choose the right clothes hangers for storage. Wire hangers should be avoided for nearly any clothes. Be sure you opt for padded hangers if you're going to store coats, jackets or other large clothing items.

Dresses are best stored from hangers with loops that can support the garments. You don't want dresses to fall and stay on the ground for the long period of time you may plan to store them, so be sure that they are secure on the hanger. Otherwise, it may be best to fold and store them.

Go for Pleasant Scents With Storage

Consider storing your clothes with pleasant scents. Moth balls are often used with clothes storage, but that should not be necessary with a selfstorage unit. Instead, try storing your clothes alongside sachets in your favorite scents or even cedar. That way, you will be met with wonderful scents when you go to retrieve your clothes.

Finally, keep in mind that choosing a self-storage facility that is reliable and secure is important. Whether you need short-term storage for seasonal clothes or want to store outfits for a long time, Sutters Fort Self Storage LLC can meet and exceed all your storage needs. Your storage unit will be available 365 days per year, so you can get your clothes whenever you need them.