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Original Owners Since 1974

Serving the Santa Cruz Area
Original Owners Since 1974

Serving the Santa Cruz Area

How to Rent Your First Storage Unit

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Self storage is an excellent way to secure your belongings temporarily. A storage unit will house your stuff safely until such time as you need it again. Renting storage space is not complicated, so don’t be intimidated by the process. Sutters Fort Self Storage LLC has been serving customers in Santa Cruz since 1974, and we can help you secure your new storage unit. We’ll begin by offering you some tips.
  • Get Proper Packing Materials – Your first step is to purchase the proper packing materials for your belongings. Even though your storage rental will be locked, weatherproofed and controlled for pests, you still want your stuff packed in protective materials.
  • Determine Your Space Requirements – Once everything is packed away neatly, measure it all to get a general idea of your space needs. The measurements will be imperfect, but their total will help ensure that you rent the proper unit size.
  • Visit Our Facilities – With your measurements in hand, come visit and talk with us. Let us take you around our facility so you can look at the units for lease and see our security surveillance system. We are also gated, and our entire perimeter is fenced.
  • Provide the Required Documentation – Bring a valid photo ID and proof of insurance when you meet with us. We’ll request your contact information for our records if you decide to lease a unit, and you can either purchase a lock for your space from us or bring your own.

We Serve All of Santa Cruz

Sutters Fort Self Storage LLC is a member of the California Self Storage Association. We can help an individual or business in Santa Cruz secure a personal or business storage unit. Contact us todayat 831-475-7716 and let us house your stuff for you until you need it again.

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