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Original Owners Since 1974

Serving the Santa Cruz Area
Original Owners Since 1974

Serving the Santa Cruz Area

Commercial Units for Rent in Santa Cruz, CA

Commercial storage for rent in Santa Cruz, CA
If your business is like most others, then storage space in the office itself is probably minimal. At Sutters Fort Self Storage, LLC, in Santa Cruz, CA, we offer a solution to those over-stuffed file cabinets and crowded closets. Gather together your excess inventory, random pieces of office furniture and older files. We treat your commercial storage units with the superior care that you need to preserve quality and protect confidentiality.

From Offices to Retail, We Can Help

We understand that different types of businesses require special handling, and we offer many commercial units for rent and other services:
  • Archived Business: Some files may be old, but that doesn’t mean the content isn’t still sensitive. Free up the basement at your building while improving the security of the information.
  • Construction: From drive-up access to the equipment you need to haul heavy loads, we are prepared to offer you the storage solutions you need for tools and supplies.
  • Office: You don’t need to keep everything within easy reach. File away older paperwork and keep seasonal or less frequently used supplies tucked away.
  • Real Estate: Let us keep your business signs and flags safely organized along with your marketing materials, so you can grab what you need without worrying about the rest.
  • Retail: You’ll need easy access to seasonal inventory, while overstocked items may require a long-term solution. We have the security necessary to keep those products safely out of harm’s way.

Get Your Commercial Unit FOR RENT Today

At Sutters Fort Self Storage we understand the unique needs of many types of Santa Cruz, CA, businesses when it comes to safely housing supplies, extra inventory and paperwork. Contact us at 831-475-7716 to discuss your specific needs and to determine which storage unit is right for you.
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